Sirius Genomics is focused on developing companion diagnostics for acute medical conditions where empiric medicine is not effective.

Our lead product is focused on severe sepsis, a condition which impacts over 750,000 patients annually in the US alone. Sepsis is the second leading cause of mortality in hospitals with over 200,000 deaths annually.

In the last twenty years only a single drug, activated protein C, has been approved as a new treatment for severe sepsis. Sirius is developing a companion diagnostic to stratify patients according to their ability to benefit from activated protein C.

Our objective is to give doctors the information they need to more confidently prescribe activated protein C to the right patient at the right time.

By concentrating on diagnostic and pharmacogenetic products for acute medical conditions and focusing on sepsis, Sirius is taking advantage of our internal expertise (see our selected publications), as well as addressing a large unmet medical need.