About Us

Sirius Genomics is a private biotechnology company based in Vancouver, Canada. Our approach is to correlate patient genetics with clinical information in order to develop rapid, DNA-based companion diagnostic and pharmacogenetic tests for acute medical conditions.

Our lead product is a companion diagnostic for activated protein C. The company is developing a diagnostic kit available near the bedside with the goal of identifying sepsis patients with a genotype statistically associated with improved survival after treatment with activated protein C. The purpose of this companion diagnostic kit is to aid physicians in their decision making process when prescribing activated protein C, with the ultimate aim to increase patient survival rates.

Scientific and Business Expertise: Founded in 2001 by acute care physicians Drs. James Russell and Keith Walley, Sirius Genomics has expanded, bringing together a management team and board with deep expertise in genetic associations, clinical trials, regulatory processes, intellectual property management, and commercialization in pharmaceuticals, devices and diagnostics.